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Home Builder Consultant

Home Builder Consultant

Owning a home is something that nearly everyone strives for. While some people purchase a house they find on the market, people everywhere are choosing to build their homes instead. When delivering a custom or residential community to the client or investor, there are methods that can be used to optimize your time and increase your return on assets. Seeking external help to find the best path is often necessary. SAI is one such company that strives to be much more than an average home builder consultant. They aim to achieve sustainable competitive separation for all of their clients.

SAI Home Building

SAI consulting has been around since 1987 and has mostly worked with residential construction and development clients. Many of their clients have even won National Housing Quality awards, proving that SAI is the best process improvement consultant around. They are more than just a solution to your home building problems. Their knowledge and experience in consulting are sure to be the perfect choice to meet all your needs.


There are two forms of consulting that SAI offers; fee-based and results-based. When using the fee-based option, clients pay a flat fee in order for consulting for a specific need. This could be redesigning a business process, building production systems, or designing compensation systems. Results-based consulting has to do with an overall improvement to your business and performance. They will pull out their toolbox and create a solution individualized to the client. Compensation for the results-based option comes from self-funding, and they base it off of measured financial outcomes.


Clients engage SAI for a number of reasons, which typically have to do with improving performance and business outcomes. SAI can assess the current situation of their clients and use that to come up with a baseline on how to improve. This is usually the first step in the results-based consultation. They can even come up with a scorecard that will compare the current situation to previous situations. Once the assessments are done, SAI can help to implement improvements.


The SAI home builder consulting company has worked with a number of clients who have left nothing but the best reviews. Some of these clients include Charis Homes, Epcon Communities, Vintage Homes, and more. Their long list of clients includes companies from all around the country, so no matter where you are they can help with your home building needs. Their reviews are full of people raving about the improvements they saw after their consultations, and many reviews praise how well SAI consulting has worked out for them.

Contacting SAI

If you want to find out more about SAI and their home builder consultant services, you can pay a quick visit to their website. From there, you can find out exactly what they do, how they do it, and why they are one of the top choices for your home builder consultant needs. Make sure to contact SAI for a consultation: (904) 273-9840 (office)/(904) 613-5213 (mobile).

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