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Malibu Home Addition Contractor

Malibu Home Addition Contractor Ideas

A home addition is an exciting but also a costly undertaking. It is an ideal venture if you intend to stay in the house for some time and not for simply increasing its resale value. It is another way to enjoy the perks of what you have made even if you do not end up recovering your expenses. If you looking for a Malibu home addition contractor, we at Focil Construction can help you. We offer various construction services in the area.

Home addition should not be viewed entirely as an expense. It should also be considered as an investment since there are several home addition projects that really pay off. Here is a rundown of some of the home additions that are most likely to pay off.

Master Suite

In an article released by Home Advisor’s True Cost Guide, adding a master suite to your home has an expected return of 65 percent. This is, however, dependent on the type of addition you want. The average cost of adding a master suite ranges between $21,500 and $63,100.

Kitchen Extension

This type of home addition is known to many homeowners to have the highest return. If you have a very small kitchen, replacing appliances or refinishing the cabinets will just not do the job. Adding more space to your kitchen can increase the resale appeal of your property. Currently, the cost of a kitchen expansion home addition project differs based on several factors.

This includes the condition of your kitchen as well as the size of the expansion. Expanding your kitchen with another 200 square feet could cost between $48,000 and $95,000.


In-home addition, if you go big, eventually, it will pay off. An estimate of 65 percent return is expected for a two-story home addition project. This estimate includes a master suite upstairs and a living area on the ground floor. This type of home addition can remarkably boost the square footage of your house.

This could also create a good impression on your potential buyers. Since this is a huge project, it involves several parts that are moving. This means that you have to agree to the whole cost with your contractor before the construction commences. Ensure that this is placed in writing. The cost of this type of project ranges between $21,046 and $65,287.


This type of home addition is ideal if you do not have an outdoor patio. Aside from enjoying the space during warm days or nights, according to experts, you will most likely recover 80 percent of its cost by the time of the sale. The average cost of a deck home addition is approximately $7,086. T is important that you use top-quality materials and maintain the deck properly to prolong its life.


One of the biggest turnoffs to many home buyers is not having enough bathrooms. For those with resources, a bathroom home addition can significantly increase the overall resale of your house. Experts say this type of project has an expected return on investment of 53 percent.

If you are looking for a Malibu home addition contractor, you may visit us at Focil Construction. If you want an assessment or an estimate, you may contact us via email or phone.

Malibu Home Addition Contractor
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