Concrete Sealing

Before Sealer

               Before sealer

After Sealer Applied

                After sealer


Rich look of the sealer

 Rich wet look of  sealer


Exterior concrete sealant application is highly recommended as a continual two year interval maintenance  procedure to keep the protection on concrete surfaces and prevent natures elements from penetrating and gradually deteriorating your exterior concrete or stone surfaces damage can occur in various ways specially in winter months surface water absorbtion and frost combinations can cause lifting, heaving, stone and concrete finish flaking, brick surface crumbling and more, to protect your investment it is highly recommended that these surfaces be sealed with two coats of the proper specified sealer every two years to keep up the maximum protection from the elements also in winter months salt or calcium usage should be completely avoided as this will definitely cause damage and shorten the life span and durability of the sealer and surface protection if surfaces become icy we recommend the use of Silica sand as a clean anti slip alternative to regular sand it can be bought at any Home Depot Store.  (Read our reviews)


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